Daycare in Northridge

Child Care in Northridge

Preschool in Northridge


Bertina’s Daycare and preschool is conveniently located near CSUN in Northridge for families with children living in Northridge and surrounding communities of San Fernando Valley.


This home childcare and kindergarten in Northridge provides all childcare and educational needs including love and security for children by making each day full of fun and interesting things to do and learn. We, in Bertina’s daycare and preschool in Northridge believe that a good program for young children should include language development, art, math and music in atmosphere of kindness and self-discipline. These themes are taught by the staff of our child care and kindergarten in Northridge through daily activity, craft projects, exploration, play, songs and stories.

Day Care in Northridge

Childcare in Northridge

Kindergarten in Northridge


Call Us: 1-818-772-2004   /   /   10205 Louise Ave. Northridge, CA 91325

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